Everyone Loves to Hunt for Treasures!

It’s easy to learn and you can use a dry or washed method to uncover stones and treasures layered with dirt and mud.
Treasures in a Bag is great for:

    • School projects
    • Home school students
    • Teacher incentive or reward
    • Getting kids and grandkids introduces to rock and gem hunting
    • Scouts of all ages
    • Family time
    • Stay at home rock hounds
    • Camping activities

    Our gold and gem bags make the perfect gift for treasure hunters of any age! If you have questions about any of our products, please call us at 530-432-9586 or toll free at 877-423-6785.

    Native Tool Stones

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    Created from assorted rocks including obsidian, flint and other stones, these replicas are crafted like the Native Americans made. Various stones such as these were used in everyday life for their tools. These stones are perfect for using for jewelry or other projects. Each stone varies in type and shape.

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