Gem Hunting

Kid finding treasures

Let them do some gem hunting! You now have at your fingertips some of the most exciting and fun treasure gem and mineral bags and products for people of all ages! You can look for treasure at any time of the year without having to leave your home. Learn what Treasures in a Bag is all about.

Looking for year-round fun and some great gifts for the treasure hunter of any age? You can purchase a variety of treasure bags and other fun products. They’re guaranteed to contain rough and polished gemstones, minerals, and some, on occasion, with gold concentrates, for your year-round treasure hunting, panning, and gift-giving. They are a great educations activity as well.
Enjoy panning for gold, panning treasure, and gem hunting!

We have special products for your family to experience and enjoy the life of a treasure hunter and rock hound. Pan and sift through the earth for sparkling gemstones and minerals…fun for all ages!

Finding Treasure

The best way to search for your treasures is by:

  • Rinsing the soil as the water helps the gemstones, rocks, and minerals show up better.
  • Rinse your mining soil over a pan, tub, or bucket with a strainer.
  • Don’t ever put the soil down a house drain! You can work in your kitchen, backyard, patio, porch, or garage.

We will include in specific packages tweezers and a small bag to put your smaller rocks and gems in.
As with any treasure hunt, you never know exactly what you will find, but you will be guaranteed to find more than 30 gems and minerals. We mine most of our material in the United States, but also bring in specific stones from around the world.
*(Mining instructions are included in every bag and ID sheets with the Deluxe Packages)
We will include an Educational Gem and Mineral Identification Sheet.
Visit our online store and bring the treasures to your home.


I am having a blast. What fun to seek treasure in the convenience of your own home. I sort and pick and am in awe of the beauty! I am at “mid life” and have just stated–what an exciting adventure–so much to learn! I am hooked…I am hooked! 🙂 Your treasure bags-all of them are wonderful!! Thank you so very much. I am a repeat customer and have every intention of continuing. Your products, promptness, and EVERYTHING so far is excellent!! Thank you!

from Washington

Customer Service

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about your order, please contact us.
You can also call 530-432-9586 M-F, 8 to 5 pm PST.

Treasures in a Bag are terrific, unique gifts and can make a whole family smile!