How Did It All Start?

Treasures In A Bag offers exciting treasure hunting products and provides a fun and unique experience for the entire family or alone to rest and search for gold or gems.


Treasures in a Bag Founder, Mardie Caldwell, describes how she got started with gold prospecting:

Mardie Caldwell visiting a cole mineI have been an avid rock and gem buff since I’ve been 15 years old and traveled to South America to see some great and wondrous gem stones and diamonds – I was hooked!

Later in life, I became interested in gold prospecting when we moved to Nevada County. I learned with my children how to locate and recover the gold in the streams that still surround Nevada County and other counties here today. I have shared my knowledge with adults and kids of all ages and enjoy seeing the surprise when they see  “GOLD” in their pans and not fools gold.


Relaxed & Playful

Whether you want to learn to pan for gold, or just haven’t had enough time to practice in finding the real stuff, our products will allow you to practice panning as often as you like!

Some clients like to do some relaxed panning over a cold beverage and work at their personal exclusive indoor “Gem Bar” with a tray of minerals and gemstones. Many people find it very gratifying to look at their findings under a microscope. You might want to watch a video on panning, or other methods of gold recovery. You will definitely discover the time spent using Treasures in a Bag products is relaxing, fun and affordable!

You can choose from a nice selection of gem bags for as little as $10. Then, you can either rinse and search through your soil concentrates in a water trough or pan to see what real gold looks like in the bottom of a pan. If you want to take your panning adventure along with you, try panning in a local stream.

Panning and gem hunting can be an all day long activity. There is no pressure or time frame to finish. As long as you like to pan or hunt for gems, we guarantee, you will have a great time!

girl picking gemsUnique Products

Treasures in a Bag is very unique and guarantees gold or gems in each bag. Our special bags are filled with minerals, rocks, gems from around the world as well as from streams in Nevada County where gold was abundant in 1849.

Treasures in a bag was created for a simple purpose: To provide good clean FUN and serve as a fundraiser for Lifetime Adoption Foundation™ at the same time!

The proceeds from your gem and gold panning purchases go to help women and children in need. You can learn more about this at


Lifetime Foundation

All proceeds from Treasures in a Bag sales go directly to Lifetime Foundation. YOUR purchase helps women and children in need. Here is a thank you note from a woman who received assistance from the Lifetime Foundation:

"This scholarship is my savior, by knowing that there are people like you that believe in the good that I can do. Thank you so much. You will never know what you've done for me!"

-Briana, a birth mother who is currently attending college to become a Registered Nurse