About Us

Mardie Caldwell visiting a cole mineWe create our Treasure Bags right here in Northern California in the Gold County – some customers have found flour gold to gold flakes in the soil and others unique gems and rocks. In 2010, one of our customers found a rough diamond (we have them in California, too). I have always enjoyed searching for gems and minerals throughout the world and have arranged to bring my found treasures into your home to enjoy. The quality of our stones and minerals are some of the best you will find as many of us have found that gem and rock hounding can be very addictive.

I have been an avid rock and gem buff since I was a teen and traveled to South America to see some great and wondrous gemstones and diamonds – I was hooked. Later in life, I became interested in gold prospecting when we moved to Nevada County, California. I learned, along with my children, how to locate and recover the gold in the rich streams that still surround Nevada County and other counties there today. I have shared my knowledge with adults and kids of all ages and enjoy seeing the surprise when they see “GOLD” in their pans and not fool’s gold, or they find color gemstones.

Discover and identify your own gemstones and minerals hidden in our gem and mineral mining soil bag.

  • Fun for all ages – just add water to our gem/gravel mix and start your own treasure hunt at home.
  • You’re guaranteed to find a nice assortment of semi-precious gemstones and minerals, both polished and in the rough.
  • Our stones and minerals come from all over the world, including many found here in the U.S.A.
  • We are located in the rich Gold Country in Northern California. Gold has been found in these Treasure Bags. Mostly flour gold, but gold flakes have also been found.

When you purchase from Treasures in a Bag, you are helping women and children in need through the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. Treasures in a Bag ™ is one of the main fundraisers.


Lifetime Foundation

All proceeds from Treasures in a Bag sales go directly to Lifetime Foundation. YOUR purchase helps women and children in need. Here is a thank you note from a woman who received assistance from the Lifetime Foundation:

"This scholarship is my savior, by knowing that there are people like you that believe in the good that I can do. Thank you so much. You will never know what you've done for me!"

-Briana, a birth mother who is currently attending college to become a Registered Nurse

Treasures in a Bag are terrific, unique gifts and can make a whole family smile!