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Browse our selection of gem stones, panning mixes and treasure hunting tools.

Looking for Something Fun to Do with the Kids?

panningYou now have at your fingertips some of the most exciting products for people of all ages:  children, teens, college students, parents, grandparents and older enthusiasts – hunting for treasures!  It’s fun for everyone and now you can look for treasures any time of the year without having to leave home. Learn what Treasures in a Bag is all about.

Looking for year-round fun and some great gifts for the treasure hunter of any age? You can purchase a variety of treasure bags and other products. They’re guaranteed to contain rough and polished gemstones and minerals and gold concentrate for year-round treasure hunting, panning, and gift giving.

Everyone Loves to Hunt for Treasures!

It’s easy to learn and you can use a dry or washed method to uncover stones and treasures layered with dirt and mud.
Treasures in a Bag is great for:

girl selecting gems

  • School projects or field trips
  • Home school students.
  • Teacher incentive or reward trips.
  • Birthday parties — both boys and girls will enjoy the treasure hunt and the bag of treasure they found!
  • Getting kids and grandkids introduced to rock and gem hunting.
  • Scouts of all ages.
  • Family time.
  • For more fun adventures with the kids, visit TravelingAdventuresWithChildren.com!

What will you dig up in your Treasure in a Bag?

Oregon Sun StonesSome of our treasure bags include:

  • Oregon Sun Stones in High Desert soil
  • Lake County Diamonds in dirt and natural material
  • Treasure Bag of World Gems in Native Soil
  • Natural unpolished Petrified Wood
  • Beach Treasures in a Pail

Add some of these rare gems and stones from around the world to your collection! We’ll help you identify what you find and measure the carat weight of your Treasures in a Bag.

Learn More About Gems

group washing goldContact us if you have any questions about our gems and panning mixtures! If you and your spouse are looking for romantic getaways for just the two of you, check out TravelingforCouples.com!

Treasures in a Bag Are Terrific, Unique Gifts and Can Make a Whole Family Smile!