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What is Treasures in a Bag all about?

Treasures in a Bag provides products for a fun and unique experience using a gem mining kit. This is a great pastime for the entire family or for yourself to relax and search for gold, gems, and minerals.

We travel across the United States to mine semi-precious gemstones and minerals for our Treasure Bags. Some stones are tumbled and polished and others are in their natural rough form as we found them in a collection. Some of our customers use the gems and mineral rocks for display in their rock collections, some people cut them for jewelry, or some just like to admire them. We have customers of all ages from young children to our miners in their 80’s that buy our Treasure Bags for the thrill of the treasure hunt. No two Treasure Bags are the same. New gems and minerals are added as we collect new stones and minerals.
Experience the life of a treasure hunter right at home.

Our products are packaged in the Gold Country in Northern California – where gold can still be found and is.
No two bags are the same – depending on the mining locations we have been to and what we have ordered. We also own property that some material has been mined from in the Gold Country of Nevada County in Northern California.
The perfect activity for:

  • Children and adults
  • Birthday parties (introducing kids to rock hounding early is a gift)
  • Camping trips and family gatherings
Guaranteed to include a wide selection of both rough and polished semi-precious gems and minerals from the U.S. and other countries.

With our Deluxe and Super Deluxe Treasure Bags and Buckets, you’ll receive a nice faceted gemstone in its own protective bag and rock, mineral and gemstone ID sheet. These items create the perfect gem mining kit for home or the classroom! You will definitely find the time you spend at Treasures in a Bag relaxing and fun and affordable! The proceeds from our gem and gold panning go to help women and children in need. You can learn more about this at LifetimeAdoptionFoundation.org.

Treasures in a Bag are terrific, unique gifts and can make a whole family smile!