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Our treasure hunting bags and gravel bucket products are guaranteed to contain gold, gems, minerals and rough stones. We will ship year-round to your home or office. Gold paydirt from gold-bearing rivers, delivered to your door anywhere in the U.S. Own a part of the Gold Country and experience the life of the gold miners of 1849. Our Gold and Gem Bags make the perfect gift for the treasure hunter of any age!

Panning Mixes, Stones & Treasures


3 pounds, multiple rocks
Item #507 OB   $15

Obsidian in sizes ranging from 1 pound to 10 pounds for each uncut stone.

Obsidian, an igneous, black glassy volcanic rock, forms when lava cools quickly. It is a result of volcanic lava coming in contact with water, perhaps a lake or river. This produced a glassy texture. Iron and magnesium give the obsidian a black color.

Obsidian has been used by ancient people as cutting tools, weapons, arrows and knives, and for ceremonial purposes. We will send you slightly more than 15 pounds when possible.

Peridot Gemstones 

Peridot Gemstones
2 pound bag of Peridot and gravel soil
Item #505CG   $15 

Peridot stones are becoming harder to find. In this mix, you will discover hidden in panning concentrate gravel soil small green clear stones of all sizes.

Peridot is an August birthstone and is a beautiful light green gemstone. Rated at 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Limited quantity of this item


Item # 508 GEO $2.99 each

Small 1 to 2 inch sized geodes with unique crystal formation inside each treasure. A must-have for any rock collector. Kids love them!

Quartz Crystal Points

Quartz Crystal Points
Item # 607 QCP         $1.50 each
Item # 607 QCPD   1 dozen $ 16.80 

Pure and naturally beautiful, these points come from the earth in this natural state as Quartz Crystal points, sold individually or save by buying 12. Each crystal is unique and will vary in size and shape. Perfect for jewelry, to add to your rock and mineral collection or create art projects. This is an excellent special price for these wonders.

Arrowheads- Reproductions

Item # 607 AH          $1.00 ea
Item # 607AHD        1 dozen assorted: $10 

Created from assorted rocks including obsidian, flint and other stones crafted like the Native Americans made. Various stone spearheads and arrowheads were used in everyday life for their weapons and hunting tools. These arrowheads are perfect for using for jewelry or other projects. Each arrowhead varies in stone and shape.

Volcanic Lava Rock

Volcanic Lava Rock

Lava is molten (or melted) rock that comes directly from a volcanic eruption. When it first flows from a volcano, it can be as hot as 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It can flow great distances before cooling and solidifying into igneous rock. Volcanoes are found all over the world, including Northern California, Hawaii, Alaska, and Nevada. Lava rock is different at each volcanic site.

These specimens are great to add to your collection or can even be starters to a new hobby of collecting volcanic rock from around the world!

Gem Hunter’s Tools

Gold Pans

Gold Pans
Item # 604 10 PAN
10” Terra Cotta Pan      $ 4.95

Item # 604 14 PAN
14” black pan                 $ 14.95

Plastic gold pan- 10” or 14” with riffles. All good miners need their own gold pan, great for gems and gold recovery.  10 inch plastic gold pans are the “miner’s choice” in gold pans for beginners or the most experienced gold panner.

The new terra cotta color is both perfect for highlighting gold and black sand in the bottom of your pan. Riffles to help in trapping your gold while panning. Lightweight for carrying to the stream. I keep one in my trunk, always prepared for opportunities on the road or stash in your suitcase when traveling.

Note – The 14 inch pan has an additional riffle.

Made in the USA.

Plastic Suction Tweezers

Plastic Suction Tweezers
Item # 
609 PST            50¢ each
Item # 609 PSTD $5.00 Dozen

These tweezers make it easy to pick up even the finest gold out of your pan. Remember to use a vial to put your gold in as you find it – see our vials.

Gem Tweezers

Gem TweezersPerfect for picking out your gems from your Treasure Bags™
Item #601GV   $ 1.00 ea

Treasure Detector Scoop

Treasure Detector Scoop
# 608 TS
$8.50 each (green)

Stainless Steel Bowl Classifier

bowl classifier
 # 608 SSBC
$3.95 each

Stainless steel bowl classifier for easy sifting and cleaning of your gemstones, minerals, and rocks.

Treasure Pouch

Treasure Pouch
Size: small (about 2×3″)

Size: large (about 3×5″)

Keep your treasures and gems safe in these velvet pouches.

Kits & Gifts

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates
Perfect for a gold panning friend or family member! We offer gift certificates in the amounts of $25, 50, 75, and 100.


$25 gift certificate

$50 gift certificate

$75 gift certificate

$100 gift certificate

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All products are shipped by UPS ground or U.S. Postal Service 

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