“I just wanted to thank you for my first order. It was a smashing success! I took some treasure hunting supplies to my nephew’s house and wow they really had a great time! The funny thing was I didn’t know there was a special stone or gem in the soup bucket and when they were done searching, their dad dumped all the gravel in a pile by the roof run off. Good, clean, wonderful fun and as always our prayers are for you and the wonderful things you do THANKS AGAIN!”

in Florida

Pan for Gold

What do you need to become a treasure hunter? Check out our online store, where we provide everything you’ll need to find your own gems and gold. There are a few items you might want to bring when panning for gems in your local streams:

lump of gold

  • Camera
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • A light jacket
  • Walking shoes

Part of the fun is sloshing the screens in a water container. You’ve got to wash it to clarify what you have. The water rinses away the mud and clay that hide the gems from view.

There’s fun to be had for the smallest child and the most serious rock hound! 


Treasures in a Bag are terrific, unique gifts and can make a whole family smile!