Find Treasure!

Finding Treasure

Enjoy panning for gold and treasure and gem hunting!

We have special products for your family to experience and enjoy the life of a treasure hunter, panning and sifting for hidden treasures of gems and gold.



I am having a blast. What fun to seek treasure in the convenience of your own home. I sort and pick and am in awe of the beauty! I am at “mid life” and have just stated–what an exciting adventure–so much to learn! I am hooked…I am hooked! 🙂 Your treasure bags-all of them are wonderful!! Thank you so very much. I am a repeat customer and have every intention of continuing. Your products, promptness, and EVERYTHING so far is excellent!! Thank you!

from Washington

This video demonstrates one of the techniques we use here at the ranch. No worries, we’ll help you learn it all!

Experience the life of a treasure hunter, looking for hidden treasures of gold while panning and sifting through the earth for sparkling gem stones and minerals…fun for all ages!

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Treasures in a Bag are terrific, unique gifts and can make a whole family smile!